Accurate Hardware

Flexijet uses Next Generation laser technology to deliver extreme accuracy. Exceptional performance in tight angles and on dark surfaces.

Intuitive Software 

Flexijet Stone and FlexiCAD offer users the power of CAD,with convenient functions. From novice to expert, Flexijet's software is there for you.

World-class Support

Real people, real support. Built-in online support tool, and advice from professionals with real-world measuring experience help you focus on your business.

Next-Generation Flexijet Hardware

Flexijet 3D viewed from the front with 7

7" Touch screen and Ergonomic Design

7 inch touchscreen display allows for direct ergonomic operation of the measuring device: selecting the drawing commands, displaying a live camera image with crosshairs for optical targeting and displaying the measured CAD template drawing.

Flexijet 3D viewed from top showing laser module and camera

Advanced Laser with Built-in Camera

Inaccurate measurements or transposed digits are a thing of the past. You do not need to make notes of measurements because you can see what you’re measuring right away on the display. The possibility to include photos and audio notes in the measurement drawing offers you integrated documentation on site.


Banner showing Flexijet Stone software and Logo

Flexijet’s integrated motorised system allows Flexijet to project points back for visual verification of measurements. Instant automatic levelling means faster setup and no need for tedious manual leveling of the tripod.

The integrated shock sensor will warn the user if Flexijet is bumped or knocked. Flexijet can accurately measure the level of cabinets, walls, and other surfaces right from the Flexijet laser.

Built for Stone.

Flexijet Stone sofware is designed specifically for the Stone countertop industry. Get measuring quickly with instant Autolevel, and 1 button to start measuring a countertop.

Flexijet Stone includes an easy function for drawing backsplash and laminate strips, as well as the simple and efficient measurement of Full-Height backsplash and waterfalls.